31st March, 2013- Trek to Pheriche

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31st March, 2013- Trek to Pheriche

You could never imagine the depth and breadth of the of the conversations and experiences you can have while climbing with a group of people who have jelled together like long lost friends, people who genuinely like each other. It's been a process, there is a theory about how teams form that have never been together; Bruce Tuckman I believe said that teams go through Forming-Storming-Norming, and Performing, and in some cases they adjourn at some point. Our team has formed by finding out our most "interesting scars," and emphasizing how we take care of each other, and that good friends don't let friends make bad judgments on a trip like this when it comes to their health and safety. This group has zoomed through the first two stages and we have now normed; we are getting so use to who can come out of left field with the most hilarious comments, who has to change their scarves every ten minutes, who is the quiet observer, and who is ready to dance to anything that has a beat to start the day. We are really getting use to each other, and feeling good about it.

We all woke up this morning in Tyangboche cold, and shivering 5lbs off before we put our boots on. I honestly believe this place invented the "Stairmaster," every place you go is stairs; you can't hardly go to the restroom without having to step up to something. This morning I heard, "did you hear the rats in the wall?" Evidently, we had a rat marathon going on while we were sleeping, the sound of tiny little feet racing the "Inner Wall Marathon" could be heard. Therefore some of the first conversations at breakfast had to do with rat stories people knew about personally or heard about; this group is really eclectic.

So we started our day off noticing Mt. Everest outside the restaurant where we were having breakfast, it was a clear, beautiful day, with no obstructions. The illusion of it being so close, made you think you could climb it, you've come this far why not. We left the restaurant with some of us going to the Monastery, and others of us going to the bakery; it is Easter Sunday after all, and the bakery and monastery seem like good choices this morning. After the "Easter Bakestery" we sat around before heading on the trail listening to Ave Maria, then it became signing with the Madonna, MC Hammer, Brown-eye girl, Bonjovi, Kayne West, Beonce, etc. I know it's Easter, but we needed some muscle stimulation to get us going up the hills ahead of us.

We arrived for a lunch of spaghetti, potatoes, and momos, with Orange Tang.  After we marched, I mean trekked for hours, we arrived in Pheriche around 3:45 PM exhausted, but full of life and fun. We have showers!!!!!, we have toilets that flush!!!!, and we have WIFI and laundry service; this heaven!
Glen , of the new "Glen Everest Bar" company.

Hello to all my friends in Fresno. So far so good. We hit 14.226 ft this afternoon before dropping down to Pheriche for the next 3 days. A special hello to Eric Johnson in Idaho. I hope your doing well and that your on your way to a complete recovery.   John H.



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