30th March, 2013- Trek to Tengboche

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30th March, 2013- Trek to Tengboche

Today, we left the luxury of Namche to trek to Tenboche.  It was a lovely gentle walk to the river and then up to Tenboche. I heard someone say about the up, 'trekking my a…"  We took a little longer than we were supposing to due to the fact that every 5 minutes pictures were taken. It was so so stunning that life was good today in every possible way. There was very little cloud cover to start with which meant that we could see Everest and Ama Dablam so clearly. Morale was high.  Clay was powered by Glen's home-made power bar which made him more energetic than usual!!! Barry, the mountain goat kept speeding along. Glen's smiling face could charm the Yak bells off the Yaks. Jim, 'not as you know him' is really rather cheeky. Alyona was smiling under her full body camouflage (although I'm not sure as we can't actually see her). John was brilliant getting up these steep steps and tracks and still hasn't been eaten by the Vultures. The only little cloud hanging over us was the loss of Sam and Chris's company.  Chris had eaten something "well dodgy" and had a bad stomach. But they are on their way tomorrow to meet us at Pheriche.

The Sherpa's were as always awesome. The scenery stunning.   The more I get to know this group, the more I adore them. We are very lucky to be here and leaning in this beautiful place.

Lots of love to family and friends

Hi guys. All is well. Were around 12,500 + in elevation and should be at 13,000 tomorrow when we get to Pheriche. Happy Easter to all.    John H.

Love to Mum and Dad and Dave from Suzi

Love the Chris and Sam

Uncle Gicky – Hope you have a lovely party tonight!  Your party is the one event I am so torn about missing while here.  Love you!  Lizzie.