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Title: Tim and Mike Freeman: Khumbu Over the Top Expedition

07 May Sunday, Everest Base Camp : The route is over a receded galacier...

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Everest Base Camp: The route is over a receded glacier


This popular destination, when visiting this area is well worth. The effort the route is over a receded glacier. So there are a lot of rocks and boulders and some screed to make the trek more challenging. From our camp side from Gorakshep, it took us 2 and half-hour to two hours back. The weather was beautiful going to base camp but by 12:30, the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped and a mild snowfall occurred. At base camp, we visited the Peak Promotion supported Everest base camp medical clinic run by Himalayan Rescue Association. The base camp was itself filled with various sizes and colors of tents. Most of the groups were supported by professional teams/sponsors.

The base camp is situated in the edge of the Khumbu glaciers. We all enjoyed visiting the Everest base camp.