20th March, 2013 - Kharka Tang

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Kharka Tang

20th March, 2013 -Trek to Khark Tang

We are now at 3450 meters. Today we are going up to 4000 meters, to a place called Khark Tang. The day started very good with nice sunny weather. The path is narrow and also rather steep. So far it is forests all around us but in the end of the day we will cross the snowline. After an hour the weather and the landscape changed. It became really foggy and suddenly we walked on snow. The path is now really, really narrow and steep. If you slip you would fall down a few hundred meters.

During the afternoon we came to our lodge. It is a really small place. There is no electricity, heat or toilets. We met two people from Holland that were on their way down. We all stayed at this very small lodge and shared the same room over the night. The nights are really cold and now it got a even worse when there was no heat..


Kharka Tang


hiking upto Kharka Tang'