13th January, 2013 - Chitwan National Park

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with Rafting guids at Trisuli River

13th January, 2013 - Chitwan National Park  

This morning weather was very cool. After our breakfast we went for boat riding to cross the Narayani River and to get inside the jungle. We did 2 hours of jungle walk in the early morning and the weather remained very cold and cloudy till afternoon. After jungle walk we came back and had tasty lunch at the hotel following rest for while and soon we went for elephant ride. It was about 5 km far from our hotel to reach the elephant riding spot. When we got there the elephants were already waiting for us. We saw many different kinds of animals in the jungle like monkeys, deer and many different varieties of birds but unfortunately we didn’t get chance to see Rhino. We all were very happy that we did elephant ride and visited inside the jungle. By the evening we all got back to hotel.

Donney Yang


Thau Village in CHitwan

Sunset view from Chitwan National Park


Taking photo of Tharu childrens in Chitwan

Elephant ride