12th January, 2013 - Chitwan

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with Rafting guids at Trisuli River
at Trisuli River

12th January, 2013 - Chitwan  

Today we had a good breakfast with cool whether at the bank of the Trisuli River. We said byeto our rafting staff and the we drive to Chitwan by Hice. After 2hour’s drive from Trisuli we reach Chitwan Hotel nearby national park.
We had lunch here in Chitwan then afternoon we visited tharu village and we got opportunity to know about their real life. Those are came from south India before 100 years and they settle around here in Chitwan. The people here are looking very happy. Chitwan guide told us tonight they will show us Tharu stick dance. 

Donney Yang


Thau Village in CHitwan

Tharu Village in CHitwan


Taking photo of Tharu childrens in Chitwan