10- November- 2014 - Trek to Thukla

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Nakarsang Hill
10- November- 2014 -Trek to Thukla

This is not just a journey of lifetime but an experience of lifetime too.  This is a trip which all of us would remember forever for more reasons than one.

It's been 7 days of trekking already. The mountains have been stunningly beautiful and inviting. The views were often breathtaking. The weather has been lovely. The ten trekkers became friends in a short period of time.

There were many inspirations too. A lot of elderly men and women we saw on the way were doing this trek with a great ease. The other day, we saw an old man with artificial ankles and feet trekking along with us. And the Nepalese Sherpas who carry a load of anywhere between 30 to 100 kgs on these trails. Lastly, a 50 years old Roine, one of our enthusiastic team members, runs a marathon and completes 42 kms in less than 4 hours! 

During the last seven days, there were times when we questioned our sanity and then there were also times when we even questioned our insanity. J  Yes, one really needs to be insane to be doing this. And doing this by paying a price!
On most days, we were pushing ourselves really hard. Trekking in thin air with a backpack was definitely more challenging than we anticipated. Many of us even struggled to finish our meals even after 6-8 hours of arduous trekking. Maybe the beautiful views on the way already filled our appetite. 

Many of us had headaches, mild and severe, sore throat, and bad stomachs. Most of us had runny nose, so much so that they (the noses) would actually run a marathon! We missed our family members and sometimes we let our eyes flow while thinking of them.

But a 'rock solid will' to go to the black rock (aka Kala Pathhar) prevailed over all the adversities. 
On a personal note, I feel truly privileged to be a part of the Swedish group. They did accept me despite me being the slowest and always late. No, actually I was never late, I was just following the Indian Standard Time which is 15 minutes behind of Nepal Standard Time. J I was truly humbled when I was offered a bottle of water and some chocolates by Stefan during our acclimatization trek from Pheriche. I also liked it when Fritof and Juvakim talked to me when they saw me crying the other day. I was really missing my family that day. My room-mate Jovan is a very well organized guy, has a good sense of humour and has been helpful too.

Today, I was really worried about my high heart rate. It was 127 last evening. I did recheck it before starting the trek today and it was 112. Still too high. I took a dymox and started the trek. Fortunately, it was a rather short trek today and the easiest day so far. On a way, I thought of going back to Pheriche multiple times as I was really worried about the heart rate. But thankfully, could complete the trek though very very slowly. Weather was good, and we were served mango tea upon our arrival to Thukla. I was disappointed to know that there is no wi-fi at Thukla. I was thinking of contacting some doctor in Pune and taking his advice on my heart situation.

They have kept tables and chairs outside of the restaurant. After the lunch, we took sunbath there. The weather was superb. However, occasional winds would make it a little too cold for a while. We took some good photographs of mountains and the team members.

At around 4 pm, we gathered in the restaurant. It was pleasantly warm inside as the room heater was started. Some of us played cards for a while and the others were just chatting. Then came the dinner. Ninni and Christina were looking really miserable with bad throat and cold. However, they could some medicines and we all are praying that they get well very soon.

Now, just 2 days to go before we reach the Everest Base Camp. Some of us have a fear of unknown, or some nervousness. But I am confident that against all odds, we all make it there together and remember that for our lifetime
May insanity never die!!