Daily Dispatches

Title: Tim and Mike Freeman: Khumbu Over the Top Expedition

03 May Wednesday, Visit the Himalayan Rescue Association...

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Visit the Himalayan Rescue Association
I love Dingboche! A small village up stream on the Imja Khola. It’s the last stop for traditional cultivation of potatoes, buckwheat, barley, etc. Our first order of business today was to visit the Himalayan Rescue Association- sponsored clinic in Pheriche. We have several members with cold and snowing signs and symptoms of acute mountain sickness. At the clinic, we met Dr. John Gutman who gave advice to four of our team members. Unfortunately, the common head cold and associated “Khumbu” cough is a persistent problem of altitude. Oh! Did I mention that we were at 4350 meters?

After our visit to Pheriche, We explored the surrounding hillsides. Our goal was to locate the “meditation” caves by climbing, approximately 200 meters north of Dingboche.

It was a spectacular find! Not a bad way to acclimatize.