7- November- 2014 - Trek back to Namche

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7- November- 2014 - Trek Back to Namche

The clock's alarm woke us up at 6:30 am playing – "If I used to love you baby" with Daniel Lemma. Our first morning after descending had given us much better sleep as well as more comfort in the room at the Himalaya Lodge in Pheriche. Sofia jumped out of bed and opened the curtains just to see that the windows had frozen. After our regular usage of sun protection and brushing our teeth, we packed our gear and went out to the dining hall for breakfast. This day we rewarded ourselves with anything from the menu, so Sofia and I both ordered pieces of apple to our porridge and corn flakes, a luxury treat after one week of strict diet. :)

We left the lodge at 7:45, walking out in the crispy cold air in the valley starting our walk back to civilization. Leaving Periche we saw a Sherpa with the Nepali cowboy hat riding a white horse down the hill and we fully understand that the Nepali adapted this kind of hat. Walking up and down at some hills we came to a yak herder cottage with some pens, where the herder was about to take all yaks and naks out on pasture, running back and forth, screaming, shouting and throwing small rocks to steer the herd in the right direction. When we passed the cottage we saw the herders kids, playing out in the sun while their father was doing his daily chores. The closer we came to the river we started to pass through more villages as well as single lodges which sold both food, drinks and local trinkets. As the path was getting more and more narrow with the river 50 meters down of us and the rocky cliffs on top of our heads, it was getting more and more difficult to keep good speed walking due to other trekkers and yak caravans. All of a sudden, Ngwang spotted a shortcut which the porters use and asked if we would like to take it, and we both said "Yes!" in chorus. The shortcut made us free climb a little which was a blast as well as we also saved a lot of time getting down to the bridge at the river side.

After crossing the river to get to the Tengbuche side, we had an hour of walk until reaching the monastery site. During this time we passed a lot of Rhododendron, trees full of beard lichen as well as a wild Musk deer which we catch a glimpse of from the road. The Musk deer is very rare, almost extincted in this area, so we were very happy to see this one.  We're able to have a really good look at it, but when the yak caravan came, the bells at the yaks necks scared the musk deer so it skipped all the way down to the river.  

As we came into Tengbuche, we saw that the preparations for the monk ceremony was in full progress. A quick tea break while chatting to some canadians which me met in Gorashep was followed by one of our toughest descending route, from Tengbuche down to the river. A steep zigzag path which had the most marvelous view over the valley and mountains below made it into one of our favorite parts of the trip. Crossing the river and going into one of our favorite restaurants, we met another group from Sweden on their way up which trekked with Peak Promotion. They were really nice and had a lot of questions of the whereabouts that was waiting for them. It seemed like we're able to give them some good advice as they seemed strengthened walking up on the bridge. :)

Starting out ascending from the river up on the hillside made us break a sweat or two, but reaching the cliff side path with the astounding view made it a lot easier. Another long walk in the sun just admiring the Himalayas did at long last take us to Namche and our favorite lodge we're we just had another delicious dinner.

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