5- November- 2014 - Everest Base Camp

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5- November- 2014 - Everest Base Camp

BAM – clampclampclampclampclamp, the other trekkers were running as wild back and forth the room and the toilet during the early morning due to altitude sickness. Me and Sofia woke up and looked at each other and were glad that we had taken it easy ascending, over-consuming ginger lemon tea, eating soup twice a day and also taking Diamox in the evening in order to sleep well. As we wrapped up our stuff into our duffel bags and stepped out of the door, Gekme, our porter, came and told us breakfast was ready.

The sun blessed our faces as we walked out and greeted another day with beautiful weather. Leaving the hotel after 8 am has a huge advantage – no need for a lot of warm clothing. So we kept our regular speed from Lobuche to Gorashep, walking through a more rocky and desolate land, surrounded by the mountains in every direction. As the distance to Gorashep is quite short, we only had shorter water breaks. After 2,5 hours of walk we came to Gorashep, got our room directly and had an early lunch. Noticeable this day was the hot mango juice which had a taste of aphrodisiac compared to the lemon ginger which we have been drinking nonstop the last week.

With the mango taste fresh in our mouths and minds we started our day trek to our goal - The Mt Everest Base Camp. Starting out relatively flat, passing by melting of the Khumbu glacier we suddenly came to a very rocky wasteland. Jumping back and forth between rocks as big as elephants, climbing uphill and downhill on another, meeting and passing other trekkers, this was one of the toughest hikes as the ground was a real challenge to master. Ngwang also told us not to stand still in some certain areas as rocks might come rolling down, so we kept our speed :)

After 2 hours, we reached the Base Camp, such a relief and achievement, this is what we have spent the last seven days and seven nights to experience, and we were overjoyed. We took a lot of photos, both as group and individual, and Erik had to prove his viking blood by posturing without shirt :D He also met a former colleague from Sweden, Niklas, and was really surprised to meet him here, as it was 2,5 years since they last met.

On the way back we kept a high pace, strengthened and liberated by our achievement and with the hot mango still fresh in our minds. Now it's time for dinner and some more tea before we go to bed early. Because tomorrow is going to be the day when we walk up to Kala Pathar to see the sunrise over Mt Everest.