4- November- 2014 - Trek to Lobuche

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4- November- 2014 - Trek to Lobuche

When taking Diamox before going to bed we slept like babies and peed like elephants :) Diamox is a medicine which fasten up your acclimatization. We woke up full of energy to another sunny day. This is our 7th day and we are heading for Lobuche at almost 5000 m, which means we have to walk 650 altitude meters. 

Starting on the flat river bank with our regular speed, which means that we passed by all groups with elderly people ;) The flat land started to incline and we felt that it was getting harder to breath and we had to walk slower. Even if you couldn't tell by looking at the path that it was inclining, it surely was! Soon we reached the tea break restaurant and we had already walked 350 altitude meters. After some ginger lemon tea and soup we started to walk again. Now on a stony, steep path. We had to walk really, really slow. And when we stopped for our short water breaks and turned around, we saw the adorable mountains we had behind us when walking. At the top we reached a memorial place where stone pillars had been risen for sherpas and climbers who had died in the mountains. There was one pillar for Babu Chheri Sherpa, a terrific climber who had died on his 11th climb to reach Mount Everest Summit. He held three world records; Reached Everest summit most times (10 times at the age of 30), Fastest climber to reach Everest Summit (16 hours from Base camp) and Spent most time on Everest without the aid of oxygen mask (21 hours). After reaching the top the path flattened and we came into a valley with snow and glaciers. The climate changed in an instance, the wind was really chilly and the air was cold and crispy. When we reached Lobuche, which was a rather small village with only a few houses and hotels, we went into the restaurant for a proper lunch. 

After lunch we went on a acclimatization hike and walked up a 100 m high hill covered in snow behind the hotel. From the top the view was amazing! Really worth the pain and strain when walking up there. The rest of the day we spent in the hotel restaurant, playing cards and just relaxing before our early dinner and then, bed time...