3- November- 2014 - Rest Day

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3- November- 2014 - Rest day in Pheriche

As we ascend higher at higher, we start to feel the altitude symptoms. Yesterday, Sofia had a hard time sleeping, and tonight, it was my turn. I headache which could've easily qualified as hangover of the century, all this due to things in my head expanding within a fixed skull all thanks to the decreased pressure. After a couple of hours of inhuman torment I finally managed to reach out and take an Ibuprofen which made me sleep as an baby for the remaining hours.
As this is our resting day in Pheriche, we slept a little longer, had a nice and quiet breakfast - Sofia made me keep my mouth shut as I ate garlic soup - and relaxed in the sun room at the hotel. After a quick switch of hotel we started our daily resting day trek. We walked uphill about 300 altitude meters, passing by the yaks and naks from the villages around, until we reached the mountain ridge on which Pheriche was on one side and Dingboche was on the other. After ten minutes of acclimatization we headed back to Pheriche. After a warm gas heated shower and a steady lunch we attended an "Altitude sickness lecture". It was held by an volunteer organization HRAN, which has an emergency hospital here in Pheriche. We learned that if caution is not taken, you can obviously, but the thing that surprised us the most is how easily it is to get long term or even permanent damage to your muscles, lungs and brain. The only 100% cure for Altitude sickness and other height related illnesses is to descend, so with this in our minds we proceed, according to plan and with respect for the final challenge as we're to reach base camp in two days.