31- October- 2014 - Acclimatize Hiking

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31- October- 2014 - Acclimatize Hike

Our third day and we woke up from our electrical heated mattresses, nice and warm. It wasn't to nice  to rise up from a warm bed into the very cold room. But another huge breakfast awaited us in the restaurant lounge, which made it a little bit easier. :) Today is an acclimatization day, which means that we have to walk to a higher altitude (400 altitude meters) and down again. After the breakfast Ngwang and Gemke took us up to a hill where it was a viewing point where we could see several peaks. One of them was Mount Everest of course. However, it seemed to be a bit shy for us today and hid its peak behind a cloud. There were a museum too, showing the history of the Sherpa people, facts about surrounding nature and the history of Mount Everest. When we had explored the museum we walked down again to Namche and up towards Hotel Everest View at 3880 m. It was steep and we had to walk really slowly to avoid getting a headache. Along the way the sun was shining bright and wherever we looked we saw snowy mountain peaks. When we reached the hotel we took a sneaky look at its terrace which really lived up to its reputation. In front of us we had Everest, even though it was still hiding behind some clouds it was a remarkable view! We didn't stay long, because if we wanted to have a seat at the terrace we had to buy tea which should have cost us $ 20 for a pot. Instead, we walked down to Khumjung to have lunch. It was only 20 minutes away and we passed a beautiful forest on the way. After lunch we went to Khumjung Gomba monastery where we had a look at an ancient Yeti skull. According to the history, people from near villages gave this skull as a gift to the people in Khumjung after a festival, who wasn't satisfied at all and threw away the skull. Later it ended up in a small transparent plastic box inside Khumjung Gomba monastery, where you can have a look at it if you donate an optional amount of rupees. On the way back to Namche we crossed Khumjung's Secondary School which was founded by Sir Edmund Hillary. We walked the same way as the kids from Namche use to do every day, to get back and forth from school. One and a half hour walk over a mountain. It's not a coincidence that many of these kids will start to work as porters within some years. 

Back again at the hotel in Namche and we will have some hot ginger lemon and a huge three course dinner before we go to sleep in our electric heated beds ;)