29- October- 2014 - Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding

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29- October- 2014 - Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding

At 4.15 AM the Guide Ngwang called us and said he was on his way in the taxi to pick us up at our hostel. Two tired Swedes, Erik and Sofia, looked at each other and wondered: Wasn't it 5.30? We must have gotten it wrong... :) So we jumped up from our beds, packed our things and ran out to the taxi. Ngwang had decided to leave a bit earlier in order to catch an earlier flight. After a quick ride in the night we arrived to the airport and got in time to take the earlier flight. When we had taken our seats the cabin crew told us to leave the airplane because they had to do some maintenance checks. Oh, well... Didn't feel too safe ;) Anyhow, we got on the plane and finally landed safe at Lukla Airport. 

The air was cold when we went off the plan. We met our porter jigme who took our bags and went ahead with them while we went to a restaurant for breakfast. After we were nice, warm and full we started our trekking tour to Pahkding. The sun were at its best while we wandered through small mountain villages and met porters with their yaks, mules, horses and a bunch of other trekkers. We even met at fellow sweden, Per, who gave us some useful advices on how to plan our adventure. We also came to a long hanging bridge which had to be built because of a part of the mountain had collapsed.

One of the better initiatives we saw on our way was the free eye examination for local people. Volunteers from the US had gone here to set up this clinic during a week. Ngwang and jigme went in there to get their eyes checked and came out with big smiles and said that they had good eye sight. Half an hour later we reached Pahkding and crashed into the bed and breakfast where we will spend the night.