Daily Dispatches

Title: Tim and Mike Freeman: Khumbu Over the Top Expedition

28 April Friday, Mike's Friends start Trek...

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Start trek from Lukla

Our morning started early 03:30. Breakfast by 04:3, out the door by 05:15 to catch a donier prop -plan to Lukla. Excitement was high, to start our expedition adventure. At Lukla we meet the Peak promotion's Sherpa's lead by Mingmar sherpaOur sirdar. We started the first day of the trek at 08:00, going through Chaurikharka, Chutawa, Ghat. We treked on stone a dirt paths that are will worn so footing can be dicey, so you need to watch your step.Lunch at Thado koshi comprising of refreshing juice,Potatoes, pits & best colsaw. It was filling had tasty flavour. Along the trek to phakding we were accompanied by cows, Dogs. Jucks & steady strom of fillow trekkers. Arriving a phakding by 13:00 Steav & lie un woud by giving a yoga demonstration.Evan & Franchiscs saw some interest birds & hiked down to the Dhudh koshi( Milk river) a glacier river. We tested the water & decided it about 30 degree.F.As we treked we walk on the left of the prayer flags going coli coli (Slow), as we progess through this beautiful lend.


For Dinner the most astros in our group were tasted to water buffalo mast in a tasty sauce. We also had curry potatoes, white rice, and curry some slice tomatoes, onion, and cucumber. It was very filling.