July 4, 2014 - Chyangba Village

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July 4, 2014 - Chyangba– Community Health Volunteer Class  

Hello mom!  Happy Birthday from your loving daughter Sharon. 

Today the team awoke from a long night caring for a critically ill woman, to monsoon rains, then sunshine.  Today marked the end of the regional screening clinics which included close to 100 patients; many of which included hard working farmers with chronic painful conditions.  We did diagnose two unfortunate individuals with advanced cancers, and started therapy on a severe hypoxic asthma patient making the day busy and challenging for the team with the limited resources available to us.  Evening time included no time to rest as the clinical medical education program begins in the morning.  We have an estimated class of 30 coming in from across the Solukhumbu region; and the team is actively trying to recruit some of the older teens from the region who have interest in healthcare to attend as well.   Nights of plenty of sleep are being replaced with studying, lecture preparations, and group workshop activities.  Overall the team is holding up well with only minor illnesses and no injuries to date.  The cultural immersion in Nepali life continues and although everyone but Max desires a shower and clean clothes, people are already wondering how much they will miss the people they have met and the bonds created.   

The Independence Day evening has been filled with loud partying and celebration; not by the Stanford team though but by the trekking team and Nepali neighbors; an impromptu gathering following the completion of clinics.  As Ang Phula let the team know, this is Nepal not America.  What’s Independence Day?