July 3 2014 - Medical work - Patle Village Clinic

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July 3, 2014 - Medical Work - Patle Village Clinic  

So, the first cycle has finished and now I’m back (Jennifer Yu). A lot has happened for the last thirteen days (not quite sure because I haven’t looked at a calendar for quite some time now), but I heard something about tomorrow being the Fourth of July? Anyways, let me give you all a very quick update on some stuff (sorry if any of the updates sound repetitive since haven’t been able to see the other blog posts so…) I got a whiff of high altitude sickness and got carried around in methods, though I was too passed out to remember much of it. But not to worry, almost full recovery now (I mean I am being  to forced to write a blog post at like 8PM) and I even have been able to race up a few hills, so Mom watch out I might sign up for the marathon up Everest. I mean I have been told by our chief (Ang Phulah aka our main guide) that I look like a Sherpa and also the people at the clinics have been pointing at me and asking whether or not I was really Chinese… Mom was I adopted? Is there something I should know that you haven’t been telling me? Kidding. :)

Now what else is there? So clinic started and today was pretty weird and intense, we had a woman at the end of the day come in with a heartbeat of 218 along with a few tumors and stories of chang and roxy (alcohol in Nepal) and tobacco leaves. We were all very worried for the woman, and tried to get in contact with the family.  It was interesting… the other members even created a night shift, the family just came and they are taking her home and seems like right now she is okay, so no worries! Hakuna Matata (please spell check).  

Alright, I was supposed to post tomorrow, so I still feel much unprepared for this sudden duty to make a blog post… I’m a little too busy consuming raw ramen (its okay Mom, all the little kids do it here). So… night (Michael you better really be staying out of my room, I mean it).