June 25, 2014 - Trek to Namkheli

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June 25, 2014 - Trek to Namkheli  

Yesterday night we camped deep in the countryside, behind many farms, so there was unfortunately no 5 AM wakeup call from car horns. Instead, we had to settle for a 5:10 AM wakeup call from roosters on the farms. The day started off as usual with tea time at 6, a nice omelet breakfast, tea time #2, and an 8 o’clock departure. 

We had a different guide today, Fula, who took us on a very nice and leisurely walk. We went downhill for a bit through the countryside and mountainside, before crossing a few waterfalls and beginning our ascent. Today’s journey was very scenic, featuring many rivers, waterfalls, cute baby leeches, and a parade of dozens of horses.

Our chief, Ang phula, told us about his family and his numerous siblings, who are outnumbered only by his friends. As he is the most important person in all of Nepal, he naturally has three telephones on him at all times, one of which is suspected to be a direct link to God (the other one, not our chief). He laughed at our belief that we were eating yak cheese this whole trip, as yaks can’t make cheese, only naks (different terms for different genders).

The accumulation of dirt and various other substances on our skin provides a nice natural sunblock of SPF 202, so we no longer need to apply unnatural non-chemical-free sunscreen. This natural sunblock also doubles as a natural perfume, and it has made us very attractive to bees. However, such attraction is not yet reciprocated, making for a love story of which even Shakespeare would be jealous. 

For the first time this trip, we are camping at the top of a mountain, instead of in a valley or halfway down a mountain, so the weather’s nice here, cool and rainy. Upon arrival at today’s campsite, we unpacked a small green ball and played volleyball with the porters. As we are on top of a mountain, the ball of course went over a few small cliffs a few times, and it became a race to retrieve the ball. The game was very energetic and pleasurable, so that by dinnertime, I was so hungry that I could eat a vegetable.

For dinner we had a fantastic dinner of mashed potatoes with nak cheese sauce, cauliflower, and a mixture of rice and vegetables, topped with a dessert of a hella big and fresh handmade banana pie worthy of our chieftain’s birthday, although today was not his birthday. 
Good night.