June 23, 2014 -Trek to Shivalaya

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June 23, 2014 - Trek to Shivalaya  

Today was our first day of trekking (huzzah). It rained for a little, but mostly we lucked out with the sun. After a few hours on a gradual-ish uphill, we reached a phone tower and went downhill to a house for lunch. There were two adorable kids running around and many photos were taken. We drank tea, had lunch, then drank tea again. After lunch we hiked downhill for two hours before arriving at the campsite, where we frolicked in a lovely, cold river. Leeches were rare. Even with the clouds and fog, the views have been incredible. 

We played cards in a Sherpa hotel—not  Cards Against Humanity, which Kelly found to be too “sexy,” but Kemps, and BS, and the like. It got heated, especially in the vicinity of Grace, and carried us through til dinner. Kelly spoke with his usual spiciness, admitting to us his love for children’s animated movies. Dinner was awesome. Tomorrow we have a four-hour uphill to a monastery and then an hour and a half down to our campsite. We’re all very excited, and hoping for more good weather. A sign in the village we’re in advertized a two-week cheese trek, so if you’re looking for something to do, and have a thing for various types of yak cheese, consider flying out.

That’s about it. All is going well. Each part of the day, whether hiking with an umbrella in place of a trekking pole or learning a few words of Nepali to speak with adorable kids in a remote house outside of Jiri, has been an experience, an adventure, something new.



having dinner in Jiri