June 21, 2014 - Kathmandu

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June 21, 2014 - Kathmandu  

After over twenty six hours of sitting on planes and waiting at airports, we have finally made it to Nepal! When we first landed the air was perfect, not too cold and not too warm.  Nine of us who were on the same flight got to enjoy the midnight lights during the drive from the airplane to the hotel (and gosh was that hotel beautiful). After getting all the room assignments sorted out some of us crashed, while some of us enjoyed some midnight snacks and 21 Jump Street before passing out. 

In the morning most of us got to enjoy exploring around the hotel before and after eating a full breakfast (buffet=time to fill our cheeks with as much food as possible). The food was yummy and later that morning we had a meeting where we got to meet those we would be working with during this experience. We packed up some of the stuff we would need for the trek and then headed with bright smiles to enjoy the city life and some good food. 

Despite our bright smiles, I guess Mother Nature was a bit sad and decided to let it pour down on us after lunch. We were able to go to a few shops and pick up some trekking gears that some left behind at home, but the rain wouldn’t give up, so we headed back to the hotel. And now right now we just finished up a nice Asian food (so much food in one day) and I’m ready to pass out, because so many time changes in the last two days… The body can only take so much. But wait for tomorrow when we have to take a six hour, very bumpy, car ride that apparently causes a lot of barf bags to come out. 

I’m Jennifer Yu and hopefully this little report makes you feel like you know everything that your loved ones are doing. If not, I’m sorry I’m very sleep deprived and in need of a big fluffy pillow. Good night (or morning, too many time changes…). Oh and Mommy, I promise to eat my veggies and Michael stay out of my room, gosh.



having dinner in Kathamndu