21 April, 2014 - Trek to Deurali

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Tent Peak Expedition
21 April, 2014 -Dovan to Deurali

As usual we started our upward journey at 8am, from 8200 ft to 10500 ft. First half an hour the road was muddy and small streams were flowing all along the path. The path was narrow through dense vegetation. We had to cross a couple of streams on the boulders or a bamboo bridge. Suddenly the path opened at Himalaya Hotel. The vegetation almost disappeared. There was a steep climb to Hinku caves. It was bright and sunny with cold winds. We had to cross avalanche prone zone closer to Deurali. After Hinku caves we crossed a short path on a glacier. Even though Deurali was in sight, it took almost 45 minutes to reach the hotel.

The group was split in two due to lack of accommodation. Evening was again singing and story time. History of first successful attempt by a french team without any casualty was narrated by Dr. Godbole. 

Every member’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation was measured and the whole group passed with flying colours.