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Our Experience about filming

Peak Promotion has a wide experience working with the different types of films including simple documentaries with DV cameras, features with celluloid films and even the IMAX film. We have a long history of working with different film production companies and broadcaster like; Indus films, Nova/WGBH, BBC, Chanel 4, Discovery, National Geographic. Peak Promotion also has climbers and other assistants who expertise working with the Film Crews. We also help you in finding the availabilities of Filming Equipments in Nepal, if needed. Because of its long history of experiences in this field Peak Promotion is the top leading film organizing company of Nepal. Since 1996 we had started our journey in this field.

Some of the famous Film maker, Production Company and Broadcaster who worked with us

  • Discovery Channel and Channel 4, UK
  • BBC Channel, UK
  • KEO films, UK
  • National Geographic TV, USA
  • Lonely planet
  • Arcturus Motion Pictures, USA
  • Mac Gillavray Freeman Film, USA
  • Michael Palin, UK
  • David Breasher, USA
  • Mark Dolan, UK
  • Paul Mister, (USA)
  • Peter Degerfeldt  - Sweden (Blue Sky )
  • Electric Sky Production & Animall Planet Channel UK
David Breashears- an accomplished filmmaker, adventurer, author, mountaineer, and professional speaker
Films we have worked for:
  • 60 Minutes Filming with Luanne Freer
  • 2011- Honey Hunting
  • 2010 – 3D Everest- Directed by David Breasher and Peter Degerfeldt
  • 2010 – Glacier of Nepal Past and Present -Directed by David Breasher
  • 2010, Conservation documentary – 09UL “Vulture Video” Produced by Robin Hill for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, UK.
  • 2009, Worldwide Tribe by Yoji Harada, WWT Productions, LLC for Travel channel USA
  • 2009, Web Site Video II: Produced by Paul Mistor , Gillder Frontier, LLC for Hanesbrands together with Berg Adventures
  • 2009, Web Site Video I: Produced by Paul Mistor , Gillder Frontier, LLC for Hanesbrands together with Berg Adventures
  • 2007/2008, Smallest Man and Me presented by Mark Dolan and directed by Krishnendu Maunder for Channel 4, UK
  • 2007: “MAX’S BIG TRACKS” by Electric Sky Productions, UK for  Animal Planet Channel
  • 2007, Medicine Men Go Wild presented by twin Xand and Chris Van Tulleken and directed by Den Kendall for Discovery Channel and Channel 4, UK
  • 2006, EVEREST ER (Part 2) for Indus Films and BBC
  • 2005, EVEREST ER (Part 1) directed by  Steve Robinson and Rob Sullivan for Indus Films & BBC
  • 2005, The 1996 Everest Tragedy for David Breashearsand Arcturus Motion Pictures
  • 2004, Extremes: Silk Road by Nick Middleton  for Keo Films, National GeogrpahicTV and Channel 4
  • 2004, EVEREST by David Breashears for Arcturus Motion Pictures, Working Title Films and Universal Studios
  • 2003, The Last Royals by Archipelago films for National Geographic directed by Susan Todd & Andrew Young
  • 2003, Himalaya with MICHAEL PALIN for BBC and Prominent - Palin Productions, directed by Paul Davidson
  • 2002, SURVIVING EVEREST for National Geographic TV
  • 2001, Upper Mustang directed by Liesl Clark for NOVA/WGBH TV
  • 1998, Global Trek Guide for Lonely planet and Discovery Channel
  • 1998, EVEREST: THE DEATH ZONE directed by David Breashears for NOVA/WGBH TV
  • 1996, EVEREST IMAX Film directed by Greg  McGillivray/ David Breashears / Stephen Judson  for Mac Gillavray Freeman Film
2003, Himalaya with MICHAEL PALIN for BBC and Prominent - Palin Productions
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