Chortens and Mountains

  7th May 2011-

As you may have noticed there hasnt been any updates in a few days. Unfortunately we are experiencing major technical problems. The satellite transmitting device we carry with us does not seem to work well with my computer. We got it up and running once at Base Camp (last cyber cast entry), but we have failed to repeat the success. As if this wasn't enough my computer now seem to have cracked down. This meens there can be no photo updates.  I will therefore have to give you a very short up date from a Internet cafe in Phakding.

We left Base Camp on the morning yesterday (friday). During the night Birgitta had to be treated with oxygen due to a severe case of altitude sickness. The morning after she was ok and could walk by her selfe down to Lobuche. She quickly got better when we lost altitude. Thanks to  the organization of Peak Promotion she was never in any danger. During the night I also fell ill with a cold (not altitude related). A bad cough, running nose and general weakness made the trekk down to Lobuche a nightmare. Waking up this morning feeling even worse made it obviouse that there would be no summit attempt on Lobuche peak for me. I was probably infected by my son who had the same symptoms some days oga. I trekked down to Pheriche together with Birgitta, Jakob and Magnus. Yes, unfortunately also Magnus. After his first case of altitude sickness and having recovered on lower altitude he moved up the mountain again to try climbing Lobuche peak. Unfortunately he again fell sick of the altitude and again had to move down. He now feel much better having lost nearly 700 altitude meters. Jakob looks strong as an oxe and was almost convinced to get pon the summit team of Lobuche peak. I'm kind of glad he said no.. :-)

So the only ones left climbing Lobuche peak are Malin and Martin (still looking strong) and Henrik who has also felt a cold comming on the last few days. Hope he can still make it!

Tomorrow Birgitta and Magnus goes to Thengboche while me and Jakob goes all the way down to namche Bazar. W'ell see if I can get my computer going so that you can see all the beautiful pictures I have





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