Chortens and Mountains

  4th May, 2011- Trek to Gorak Shep

We spent the night in Lobuche at the very good lodge Mother Earth House. The lodge is rather new and holds a high standard to be located at nearly 5000 meters. The rooms are not too small, the beds are the best in Khumbu (I dear say) and the food is excellent. The owner who is a good friend of Peak Promotions owner, Wongchu, is very friendly and helpful. 

The trek to Gorak Shep is not too long and not too hard. However, some members of the team where a little bit tired so when we finally reached Gorak Shep after nearly two hours two members decided to stay behind when the rest of us continued to the summit of Kalapathar. “Normal” time to the summit of Kalapathar is 2-3 hours. Martin and myself made the summit in just one hour and fifteen minutes. Malin and Henrik came only 20 minutes behind. This is promising for the upcoming summit attempt on Lobuche peak.
The summit of Kalapathar is a very special place. From the top of the mountain you have the most breathtaking view of Mt. Everest and the surrounding mountains. Three years ago I and a team of friends also placed a statue of an Angel on the summit as part of a worldwide peace project. It was a dear and moving moment to see her again. We spent one hour on the summit and then headed down. To our surprise we met both Jakob and Birgitta struggling towards the top. After lunch in Gorak Shep they had felt stronger and decided give it at go. They both made it. Strong work!!

Tomorrow we head for Everest Base Camp.




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