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  2nd May, 2011- Dingboche
Henrik is back. Around lunchtime he re-joined us in Dingboche. He had made a good time from Thengboche and looks in great shape. We were all extremely happy to see him. Now the group is complete again! 

Apart from that the day has consisted of different things for different people. Malin, Martin and myself made the rather hard climb to Nagartsang peak (5.30m). The climb is important for acclimatization purposes and is also a good test of fitness and how well acclimatized you are we made the peak in just two hours without pushing it too hard. This is great news and indicates that the form is superb and our bodies respond well to the increasing altitude. So far that is. You must be humble at these altitudes. The altitude can strike you anytime. 

Birgitta and Jakob had a rest day today. They went up some 100 meters above Dingboche and just enjoyed the sunshine. After that they did a little shopping in Dingboche. After having felt tired yesterday they now seem fully recovered and energetic. 

Unfortunately Magnus has been struck by a touch of altitude sickness. He is feeling week and has stomach problems. He went up some 50-60 meters today but still feels ill. We will have to see if he has recovered by tomorrow otherwise ha may have to stay or go down. 

Today’s dinner will be a special one. It’s Birgittas birthday! Our excellent main guide Ang Dawa had arranged a birthday cake from the local bakery and we have bought a small gift for Birgitta in a local store here in Dingboche. Pictures from this celebration will hopefully come tomorrow.

Jakob & Gittan acklamatizing
Morning in Dingboche

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