28th April, 2011- From Namche Bazaar  
Wake up call at 06.00 was followed by a nice breakfast at Tashi Taki lodge. At 07.30 we put on our back-packs and started the trek towards Namche Bazar. The weather was beautiful with clear blue skies and warm nice weather. The first half of the day is quite easy and nice with very moderate ascent. Aftyer lunch however the first real test of your stamina starts. The way up to Namche is steep and long. You have to gain some 600 meters in a short distance. The climb normally takes 1,5-3 hours and is somewhat of a test. The group was spread out since some

wants to go a little faster, some slower. But finally all 13 made to the Khumbu lodge where we were served the and could rest for a while. When we some time later were showed to our rooms we were met by a big surprise. I have stayed at the Khumbu lodge several times before and I love the place. It’s got a very friendly an welcoming atmosphere and the family running the lodge is extremely nice. The rooms however have had a somewhat basic standard. Now it turned out new (since I was here last time) room had been built and they were just great. The new rooms are large and comfortable and even with own shower and toilet. What luxury! This is the kind of treatment you get when using Peak Promotion for your adventure in Nepal! Thank you for booking these rooms for us! The evening was ended with a great dinner were most of the group chose the house specialty – Sizzling Yak steak Yummy!

Stupa and Berg
Wooden made house and Berg
At Namche Bazaar  

Tomorrow we stay in Namche for acclimatization and we plan to go to Khunde Peak situated high above the village. A report on that will follow.


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