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09 October, 2009

Chandra Kudsia: 

The Battle Royale
I forgot to mention that on the first night of the trek, we slept at a lodge in Benkar.  The first day was tough and I was a little restless.  My room had two small beds on opposite of the walls.  I slept on the side adjacent to Sanjay’s room.  Coincidently, he also chooses the side adjust to my room.  A thin wooden wall separating us.  Around 4 am I heard some noises coming Sanjay’s room with some light banging on the walls.  I figured that Sanjay was restless too.  And then suddenly there was big bang on the wall followed by some lighter rustling sounds (of the sleeping bag?)  Now I was starting to feel concerned and waited for a while.  Slowly the sounds subsided and I thought that either Sanjay had a nightmare or had fallen off the narrow beds that we were sleeping on.  The next day Sanjay told us that he was woken up by a rustling sound on his sleeping bag; alertly he looked up and saw a rat scampering towards his face.  In haste he tried to throw him off, which turned out to be a bad shot and the rat ended up inside the bag. All hell broke loose then and Sanjay was in battle with the rat.  According to him it was big rat almost the size of a small dog.

 The Grand Finale – Fly Every Mountain

This morning we took the Yeti Airlines flight customized to give people a view of Everest and all of its satellite peaks.  It turned out to be a nice day for flying.  The sky was clear about the clods and we got spectacular views of the Himalayan giants from Langtang to Everest.  The plane flew so close to the peaks, that if there had been climbers we would have been able to see them.  The flight attendant encouraged us to go into the cockpit one at a time and the co-pilot gave us the names of the peaks we were flying by.  It was indeed a great end to our trekking adventure.

On a personal note:
Sanjay Saxena
To those of you who do not know Sanjay (our trip leader), he is my nephew  (my sister’s son).  This was my first trip with his company, Destination Himalaya that he founded in 1989.  At the risk of being biased I found the trip exciting, challenging, educational and full of fun.  His local partner in Nepal (Peak Promotion) are simply the best.  I am pleased to see how Sanjay has turned his boyhood passion of the outdoors into an outstanding successful adventure travel company. For me this trip was unique and rewarding in so many ways and I look forward to my next trip with Destination Himalaya.

Mingmar Sherpa
One of the highlights on this trip was my conversations with Mingmar about his experiences in the Himalaya Mountains in general and his three climbs to Everest in particular.  Hope you have read some of the stories that I wrought about the climbs in my previous missives. Despite his outstanding accomplishments, Mingmar is someone without an ego, always so mindful about his clients, ensuring that they are looked after properly at all times.  It was a real pleasure to have him as our local guide.

Peak Promotion
Wongchu Sherpa, the founder of Peak Promotions, seems to be omnipresent and runs his operations with clockwork precision.  He takes a personal interest in all arrangements and even though it was not required, he was there to greet us, send us off, always making sure that all arrangements were running smoothly. He is well connected and a person of influence.

Cho-Oyu Cho-Oyu

Knifl ledge-leading-to-the-unclimbed-Gauri-Shankar
Farewell-Dinner at Farewell-Dinner
Posing infront of Yeti Foot which is sign by Destination Himalaya's Group


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