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07 May 2006
24 May 2006


Paul Auerbach (Leader) Guiding Staffs:
Brian Auerbach Wongchu Sherpa ( Guide)
Stephanie D'Andrea Kami Sherpa (Asst. Guide)
Joy Crook Ang Dawa (Asst. Guide)
John Michael Rinji Sherpa (Cook)
Jay Lemery
Steve King
Joely Nelson
Lisa Minne
Brenda Tierman
Janice Weixelman
Mathias Scar
Terry Johnson

24 May 2006, Departure.

23 May 2006, The temples and palaces were stunning in their architecture...

22 May 2006, Arrived in Kathmandu and rest.

21 May 2006, Approximately two weeks and 80 miles of Himalayan wonder...

20 May 2006, Reunited with our familiar friends Ama Dablam and Tham Serku...

19 May 2006, At one point on the trip down, we walked past a steep, rocky inclines...

18 May 2006, We were suddenly in the midst of tent-multicolored with tents...

17 May 2006, A blaze of birthday candles, very tasty cake to ring in my 40 th-cheers..

16 May 2006, Beautiful views of the Himalayas...

15 May 2006, There were excellent views of Lhotse and Makalu to the east...

14 May 2006, We awoke to majestic view of Mt. Everest and her sister peaks...

13 May 2006, It is a great way to warm the feet and loosen up the body...

12 May 2006, This was a spiritual day for me-never to be forgotten...

11 May 2006, We had the honor of being served by Appa Sherpa's wife...

10 May 2006, We had a tremendous amount of up and down...

09 May 2006, We got our first glimpses of the Himalaya...

08 May 2006, Sightseeing in Kathmandu

07 May 2006, Group in Kathmandu


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