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12 November, 2009

Group on pike top
Pike Base Camp 3,680 m.
Before trekking, we visited Monastery who kindly hosted our last night camp.
Group walking on pike
Today was mostly up-up-up. After walking through majestic rhododendron forest, we all want to come back in springtime to see when it is in full bloom. We also saw many Nepali cypresses and Himalayan silver fir.
Pike base camp
We arrived in lunchtime to Pike Base Camp, which is famous traditional festival site for the Sherpa people every year in summer time. The Sherpas come and gather here for the festival.
& Pemba on Pike top
After Lunch break, we took short break. Then, we headed up towards Pike summit (4,055 m.) Arriving at the summit, we had magnificent view even though the clouds stopped us having the view of Mt. Everest. It was quite cold wind at the summit but it was the worth of hike up. We went down from the summit just before starting rain.

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