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11 November, 2009
Monastry of Goli

It was tough day for us.  We also have 1,300 m. climb up.  We climbed through magical forest larch, Oak, Rhododendron, different kind of Pines and it felt like we almost see Nepali trolls in forest.

We had lunch time at Goli, where we saw big eagles above us which circling amused our Sherpa friends since Peak promotion has eagle in the logotype. 

Lena Raunding Mani


After lunch, we climbed through another type of forest, which recently had a wild fire.  We met a very cute baby yak of 6 month. 

Everyday while trekking, our sherpas learn Swedish and we learn Nepali and Sherpa language.  It seems like Sherpas pick up more Swedish than we pick up Nepali. 

We reached Naur and for the first time little bit wind and cold.  We had an early Italian dinner with high altitude (3,388m.) Pizza and Pasta. 

chapati maker

Sleeping will not be a problem because our sleeping bags can handle –29 degree Celcious.


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