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From 05 November, 2009


Peter Degerfeldt and Tommy Sandberg are long time friend with Wongchu Sherpa since climbing Mt Everest 1987 and 1991.
Wongchu visited Sweden many times and actually his company Peak Promotion was initiated with help from Swedish friends.
Now we are taking some good friend from home to show them the beauty of Nepal.

We will trek a different route and visit many sherpa villages. One of them is Wonghcu’s home village Chyangba.

Trekkers Nepali Team  
1) Peter Degerfeldt
2) Vicky Persson
3) Owe Lindgren
4) Lena Schmidt
5) Katarina Curman
6) Tommy Sandberg
7) Magnus Lindgren
8) Carina Gullberg
9)Tommy Gullberg

1) Wongchu Sherpa
3) Pemba Sherpa (Guide)
4) Kame Sherpa (Guide)
5) Tendi Sherpa (Guide)
6) Karma Sherpa (Assistant Guide)
7) Chiri Sherpa (Assistant Guide)
8) Pemba Ngima Sherpa (Cook)

Picture Gallery

20 November, 2009 - Departure for Home

19 November, 2009 -The last day of our (end of the trip) wonderful trip in Nepal

18 November, 2009 -Arriving in Kathmandu

17 November, 2009 -Thank you Peak Promotion

16 November, 2009 -Leaving from Chyanba village

15 November, 2009 -Wedding ceremony

14 November, 2009 -Towards Chyangba

13 November, 2009 -Nice for us to listen singing and dancing of porters

12 November, 2009 - Pike Base Camp (3,680 m.)

11 November, 2009 - From Naur (3,388 m.)

10 November, 2009 - We are at Namkile (2,350 m.)

09 November, 2009 - Another fantastic day in Nepal

08 November, 2009 - Camp site at Sivalaya

07 November, 2009 - Heading for Jiri

06 November, 2009 -Sightseeing in Kathmandu

05 November, 2009 - Arriving to Nepal after flying out from Sweden.
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