at Poon Hill
poon hill

10th Jan, 2011- Poon HIll

We’re huddled up, heads poking out of blankets, situated in a teahouse in Bhaisi Kharka.  The day began with a 5:30 wake-up-knock for our sunrise hike to the top of Poon Hill.  As we tredged up the hill-a line of fluorescent headlamps bobbing along-mom befriended a Korean woman and I spotted a cell tower (at first, I thought it was some sort of Hindu shrine).  We “summited” just before the sun peaked over the distant hills, striking the opposing Annapurna Mountain range. The picture-taking began!  As a picture is often worth a thousand words and I don’t have time to write a thousand words, I’ll have to leave you with a simple description: it was awe-inspiring and a recommendation: to bug my mom or dad for a slide show when they return.
After our seemingly insatiable appetite for photos was satisfied we headed back to our lodge for a hearty breakfast.  The real hike of the day began with a short climb and was followed by some easier terrain that would characterize the day.  Some highlights included: a dog following us from the tea house at Poon hill all the way to the tea house where we had lunch.  He then patiently waited by the table until we had finished our meal and then proceeded to finish what we could not: an apple pie.  We also saw some monkeys...
Over and out.

Sunrise view from Poon Hill
on the Poon Hill Tower
on the way to Tadapani
Resting at Deurali Pass

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