at Ghorepani
poon hill

9th Jan, 2011- From Ghorepani

The theme of the day was up. I feel like “did the dish” about 10 times and it was only uphill. (Mom, that should mean something to you...) A French woman where we had lunch said there are 5,000 steps involved in today’s route. The Nepalis do not measure in distance, just elevation, though we traveled about 25 km – for the record. The trail work is remarkable – all granite with some walls that rival any I’ve ever seen. We started out at Sudame at 1350 meters elevation about 9:00 am after a breakfast of a cheese and tomato omlette, masala tea and an apple banana pancake. I needed every calorie. We are now at 2880 meters in Ghorepani (not to be confused with Lower Ghorapani) where we arrived about 5:30 just as the sun was setting over Annapurna. We are now cozy in the deluxe dining room of the Hill Top Guest House where we are enjoying a fire, sizzling chicken (a flambe dish!) and a pot of hot chocolate. We are feeling the elevation both in temperature and a bit of high altitude effect (except Daniel who is totally at home here). Along the way: water buffalo, huge rhododendron, goats, chickens, waterfalls like Hawaii, rice fields, potato fields. We played catch with a little guy with a somewhat deflated basketball in lower Ghorepani.  We were tracking a Korean group of trekkers who kept saying “good job!” It looked like the Hamm’s Gulch trail at Windy Hill. Ben is prepping for his Everest Clean up. We will get up early to hike up to Poon Hill for sunrise and hopefully it will be clear for a view of Annapurna.

Lisa Van Dusen

At Hile
Ben & Denial trying to carry on their head
entry point of Ghorepani
Dinner at Ghorepani

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