at Pokhara Airport
poon hill

8th Jan, 2011- First Day of Our Trek

Today started with some good ol’ fashioned hurry-up-and-wait.  After rising early to make our 8:30 flight to Pokhara and meeting our guide Ang Dawa Sherpa at the airport, we had to wait a few hours for the fog to clear before take-off.  Once airborne, we enjoyed an awesome panoramic view of the entire Himalayan Range.  An hour and a half drive took us from Pokhara to the trailhead in Nayapul, where our porters Pemba Sherpa and Narayan Regmi greeted us warmly.

We strapped up our boots and hit the trail, but only made it a few kilometers before stopping for lunch in Birethanti (overdue after the flight delays).  We trekked the rest of the afternoon up a beautiful gorge, where several medium-sized waterfalls roared below the trail.  Losing light quickly, Ang Dawa picked out a great tea house in Sudame.  After some dal bhat (rice and lentils), tea, and razzing each other (mostly Daniel and I making jokes, kindhearted ones of course, about our parents) we hit the hay early.  Tommorrow the trekking picks up in both distance and the steepness of the trail which everyone is excited for.  There are not many other trekkers on the trail as January is the off-season here and the weather looks good, so the trek is off to a great start.
Ben Kelley

Starting Trek fromNayapull
Crossing Metal Bridge
on the way to Birethanti
heading up to Hile

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