Group with Wongchu Sherpa - Welcome Dinner at Bhojan Griha
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6th Jan, 2011-Arrived in Kathmandu

Today was probably more like three days in one for my Dad (John), Mom (Lisa), and brother (Daniel).  They had a brutal flight itinerary from SFO-JFK-Amsterdam-Mumbai-Kathmandu, a trip totaling 50 hours of travel.  I have been living in Kathmandu for the last 3 months and met up with everyone at my parents hotel in Thamel, the tourist beat in Kathmandu.  Everyone was handling the jet-lag suprisingly well, so we spent the afternoon puttering around downtown Kathmandu seeing Kantipur Durbar Square along the way.  We met up with Wongchu Sherpa, the chairman of Peak Promotion, for a traditional Nepali dinner which included a cultural dance show.  The travelers fell asleep easily (at the dinner table in my Dad’s case) and slept well.
Ben Kelley

At the Airport
Cultural Dance at Bhojan Griha
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