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01 October, 2006

On the way from Dingboche to Thukla we saw very different herd of Yaks than the normal herd of Yaks. The herd looked similar to every other herd we saw on our trip until a huge yak rolled on his back. The yak rolled over and then another yak rolled over and then another on until about six yaks were rolling in the dirt on their backs. After the yaks finished the rolling ceremony they seemed to be trying to sharpen their horns for what it looked like a way. The big Yaks then started to scare in a way to the little yaks.
We couldn’t stay to watch forever because a warm lunch was waiting for us in the 3 house village of Thukla.

After having lunch in Dhukla, we walked up hill until we got to a pass that was full of memorials for the people who died climbing Mt. Everest. Passing a few houses, we got to our Lodge where we played cards and got some rest for the big day tomorrow.



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