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24 October, 2009
Pemba Cyber casting from Tengboche

After a really cold night in one of the best lodges through out this trip we started the day in direction towards Tengboche. Back on the same trail we walked six day erlier. Now we are more roughed and in our eyes you could see the many days of walking, experiences and once in a life time moments.

Finally in Tengboche, Kristofer and Jonas visited the local bakery and at some very healthy buns :-). We know that to Tengboche from the other direction there was a steep hill almost 500 m up. This is now down instead,.


Chhiri the assistant guide walked ahead to book the lodge and Pemba walked behind with Anna and Sten-Goran who wanted to walk in a more slow tempo now going down to lower alltitudes. Jonas and Kristofer were given freedom to walk on their own - failure! Of cource they got off the track and on to the old djungel trail now used for Yak transports mainly. Luckely after almost an hour the old road ended up at the same place. However it was a nice walk


The rest of the day was a small climb to the lodge but we're now down almost 2000 m from Kala Pathar and you can feel that the air is much thicker here!



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