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19 October, 2009

Tingboche - Dingboche (4375 m)

This morning at Tingboche the temperature dropped below 0 degrees and frost was seen on the ground. One funny observation was that after the sun had rose and the frost was melted, behind a Yak standing in the sun light the frost was still there in a shape of the animal in his shadow.

We met a Japanees trekking group with a doctor in the lodge. We asked to se our oxygen levels in a little device you put on your finger. All of us was at 85-95% oxygenlevel in our blood and this is almost as at sea level. Very good according to the Japanees doctor.

During the day the mountain Ama Dablam reaching almost 7000 meters was in view. At lunch we met a guy from a Belarus team trying to climb this mountain. He had come down from the mountain due to sickness. We tried to see his teamates on the mountain through a binocular but because of the size of the mountain and the distance this was of course impossible.

The walk for the rest of the day was kind of flat until we came to the hill up to Dingboche. The views were great and we reached our lodge rather early.

During this day the rescue helicopters has been busy with tourists feeling altitude sickness. We have walked slowly and have also three extra days on the trek which our guides tells us is why we are feeling rather good. 

Now it's time to go to sleep and keep the hat on because the temperature in the room is almost at 0 degree. 



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