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16 October, 2009

A cold morning in Phakding, but Pemba ensured us it would be a fine day. He was right this time too. After a short  2 hour walk to the Sagamartha National Park we started the climb to Namche Bazar at 3445 meters. We now saw the difference betwwen those who came from Lukla the day before and our selfs. We almost sprinted up to Namche and we were among the first or maybe even the first trekking group from Phakding to reach Namche this day. However its hard to compare ourself

to the locals how make the same trip as us carrying over 30 kg on there backs.  

Namche Bazar is more like a small city with lots of trekking and souvinier stores, small alleys and many houses. Here the have Internet and mobil telephone access. We are now ready for our resting day here tomorrow to get used altidude.  

Pemba Sherpa (guide)
Chhiri Sherpa (assistant guide)
Our guide Pemba Sherpa and assistant guide Chhiri Sherpa are gold worth taking care of us in all ways , letting everyone walk in her or his own chosen speed and finding the best lodges and restaurants. Pemba, who sems to know everyone everywhere, also tells us many intresting things about the surrondings, the people, the culture and practical things to know, such as always pass the sacred buldings on the left side. After the first tough day he even gave us massage. Pemba is a very experienced guide who, during his 9 years of working with Peak Promotion, has summited Everset  twice.


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