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12 October, 2009


After the first full night of sleep we woke up well rested for the day a head. Due to some delay at the airport we waited at the hotel for our departure. We left to the airport with Wongshu Sherpa, his daughter Lakpa and our guide Pemba Sherpa. After several securitychecks and with cotton stucked in our ears we finally took of in to the Nepal skies.

After an very exiting flight through clouds and past big hills we landed safe in a minimal, uphill and consiting of gravel airstrip. Here in Phaplu we met the assisting guide Chhiri Sherpa and our two porters.

We checked in to the newly built Everest Guesthouse and had a very good meal consiting of fried rice and good home baked bread with nak cheese. Nak is the female version of the yak. The spacious rooms are very nice and the beds are even equiped with sheets and blankets. After a short rest we went with Pemba to Salleri, the capital city of the region Kumbu. This was quite a short walk but still very intressting.

All-of-our-group-at-Salleri at 6;30 pm
Talk in Salleri
After good dinner soups, we are now going to bed preparing for the long walk tomorrow.


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