at Tengboche

  April 20th, 2011- trekked down from Pangboche to Namche Bazaar

Today, we trekked down from Pangboche to Namche Bazaar. It was probably the most scenic day we’ve had, as we went through the rhododendron forest, over some riverside cliffs, and into the big city here. We saw 8 or 9 musk deer grazing by the side of the trail in addition to some kind of mountain bird. There is unquestionably a lot more wildlife down here.

It’s interesting to walk by some of the same things we saw on the way up. You can tell that more rhododendron are in bloom and the crops in Namche are actually growing now. I think we’ve seen our last yaks, the herd animals now are all Jyojyo. It was nice to be here during the day to walk around and buy some souvenirs. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any tree-based choices, but there are plenty of items made from yak wool to make up for it.

We’re going to Lukla tomorrow to spend the night and take an early flight out the next day. It’s our last trekking day, so we’ll have to make sure to document Anders’ inferior trekking abilities while we still can.
The birch from yesterday has gradually been replaced by spruce and fir, which in turn have been replaced by blue pine around Namche. It’s much more drastic of a change in climate as we come down since we are moving so much faster than we had gone on the way up.
-Matt Nassr


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