April 19th, 2011- Down Back to Pangboche

Today, the group came down to Pheriche to meet us and to create a big enough group to finally have a decent card game again. It was pretty uneventful before they got here, but Anders managed to anger one of the local yaks to the point where we had to run across a river to get away from it. Hopefully the pictures he took were worth it. I saw them. They weren’t.

The Yaks are heading up to Base Camp

After the group came into the lodge in Pheriche, the weather turned from ‘partly cloudy’ to ‘blinding snowstorm’ and we started our trek further down towards the Pangboche metropolitan area. It seems strange that the wind and the snow would make it more fun, but it definitely did. I probably wouldn’t be saying that if we were climbing uphill during a blizzard.

the Heli is going to rescue to some one

Just outside of Pangboche, I noticed some subtle signs that the atmosphere was getting thicker. All of the signs were tree-related. The mountain juniper was being replaced by cypress, the rocky footholds were being replaced with outcropped roots, and I saw actual tree bark for the first time in five days. We are finally below the tree line again and the birch trees are everywhere.

Down Back to Pangboche

We’re all glad to be going home, but we’re stopping a lot more on the trail as we’re heading down than we did on the way up. Before, we only stopped to catch our breath. Now we’re stopping to soak everything in. It’s pretty bittersweet to be leaving it all, even if it feels like we’ve been here for such a long time.
-Matt Nassr


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