At Peak Promotion's Camp in Everest Base Camp

18th April, 2011- Everest base Camp

Today started earlier than most days. Par left the lodge in Gorak Shep at 4:15am to summit Kala Pattar in time to see the sunrise over Everest. Anders and I left the lodge at 5:00 to head down to Pheriche. Neither of us had slept and the altitude was really getting to me, so we started heading down in the snow. Everyone else was heading for Everest Base Camp and Par would be back in time to head there with them.

Everest Base Camp

Par was feeling the altitude a bit after getting back from Kala Pattar and he didn’t go to base camp, but the others did. It looked like a pretty surreal trek from the pictures, crossing over glaciers and rock fall areas before the trail got to base camp at the base of the Khumbu Ice Fall. Ulf said there were hot dogs there and everyone else said it was pretty cold. Most teams are planning their Everest summit attempts for mid to late May.

Khumbu Ice fall

Anders and I descended to Pheriche, which was relatively uneventful. All told, three of us made it to the summit of Kala Pattar and three of us made it to Everest Base Camp. I think everyone feels good about the trip.
Don’t ask about the daily tree update.
-Matt Nassr

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