17th April, 2011- hiked from Loboche to Gorakshep

Today we . This was a little bit harder than we anticipated, but it didn’t stop Anders and I from going straight through Gorak Shep and summiting Kala Pattar. I knew it would be tougher to start a 450m climb at 5100m, but it’s safe to say it took a pretty good effort from both of us. But from the top, we saw Everest, Nupste, Everest Base Camp, and a few avalanches. They were loud as all hell. Par is going to summit it tomorrow morning to see the sunrise over Everest. He’s leaving at 4:15, I wish him the best.
Cholatse peak view from Lobuche

The hike to Gorak Shep was pretty surreal. You almost feel like you’re walking on the moon, even though I’ve never done that. But the conditions up here make it hard for anything to survive. There’s nothing but a few patches of black moss growing on the rocks. Speaking of rocks, it’s pretty easy to pick out Everest. Every other mountain is covered in snow, but Everest is bare black rock and it looks like the top is in the jet stream. It took a lot for us to summit Kala Pattar today, but it’s pretty humbling to think that Everest is two vertical miles above that.

on the way up to Gorakshep

I think I already covered the daily tree update. Now we have to try to get some sleep for the trek to Everest Base Camp tomorrow morning. It seems like it’s harder to sleep at this altitude, but it’s unclear whether that’s real or psychological.
-Matt Nassr



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