16th April, 2011- From Pheriche

Today we hiked from Dingboche to Loboche, from 4300m to 5000m. I know that Helen is really feeling the altitude, but we’re all proud of her for making it here. It hasn’t been easy for her the last few days. I’m pretty sure she threw up today, but she’s feeling better now. She fell asleep here 20 seconds after hiking to bed.

Trekkers heading up to Lobuche

We’re starting to see new enormous peaks now at each turn: Pumori, Lobuche, Nuptse. I thought we had seen some big ones until we saw Nuptse up close with the peak in the second tier of clouds. Then you start thinking that Everest is 1000m above Nuptse. It’s just ridiculous. We’re also passing memorials covered in prayer flags to people who died up here, glaciers, and yaks/porters carrying gear to base camp. With all of the trees and bushes gone, they stand out.

Tauche Peak

Tomorrow, we’re going to Gorak Shep. Then, Anders, Par, and I are going to decide if we should summit Kala Pattar or go to Base Camp. It depends on the weather and on how badly Anders is sucking wind. We’re confident that any rocks falling on us on the trail will bounce off of his down jacket, so we’re sending him out as a scout ahead of us. Hopefully he won’t slow us down too much.

on the way up to Lobuche

The daily tree update is depressing. Even though the trees disappeared a couple days ago, we’ve had mountain juniper bushes to fall back on. Now, there is nothing but rocks and moss growing on the rocks. The ground is frozen under the rocks.
-Matt Nassr


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