Pangboche Village

14th April, 2011- Tengboche to Dingboche

Today we hiked from Tenboche to Dingboche, which was one of the easier hiking days that we’ve had so far. We passed 4000m and celebrated with an chocolate break. Sadly, we seem to have risen above the tree line. Dingboche, I think, is pretty much the end of civilization. The only things here are mountains, potato fields, and juniper bushes to stop the landslides. We saw the face of Ama Dablam that nobody has ever climbed, but when we looked with binoculars we saw the Yeti summiting. Ang Dawa told us that the Yeti’s records don’t count.

I don’t like the lack of trees, but it’s neat how we’ve gone from walking on a trail to walking in a general direction over barren hills. You can feel the breeze now, which makes it a lot colder than yesterday. Also, I think we’ve left the river behind for good. We had rapids and yak bells; now we just have yak bells. The yaks seem bigger up here.

The weather has gotten even more unpredictable than before, which makes it tough to figure out what to wear. Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s raining, then sometimes you’re in the middle of a cloud that’s snowing which makes it seem like there’s ice crystals floating around you. 

Dingboche is bigger than Tengboche, which isn’t saying much. There’s another bakery here that’s another dessert oasis, and an internet café that’s powered by car batteries. There’s been no bad news with Anders, and he’s actually been climbing better than before. This clearly means he’s using steroids and if we find them before we summit Kala Pattar, we’re going to infect them with a resistant strain of bacteria that will put him on the fast track to the rescue helicopter.
The tree update is that all the trees are gone now. A sad day.
-Matt Nassr

  on the way to Pangboche  

Having Lunch
Imja River

on the way to Dingboche


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