group at village of Khunde

  12th April, 2011- An acclimatization day

Today was our acclimatization day in Namche Bazaar. To get used to the altitude, we did a half day trek from Namche to Khumjung to see the fabled Yeti Head then onwards to Khunde for lunch. We saw the Hillary High School in Khumjung where we spun about 4000 prayer wheels on the way into town. We all had potatoes and Yak cheese for lunch, but I took a ride on the wild side with some Green Chili sauce from Bhutan.

We saw a plane land at Syngboche, which looked pretty rough for anyone in the plane. Also, we spotted the Yeti high on the hill across from us. He went out for a walk, looked at the clouds, then went back into his house and closed the door. Nobody but Pär saw it (I lied and said I saw it too), but we’re pretty sure this means there might be rain tomorrow because the Yeti doesn’t like to be caught in the rain.

In terms of personal trekking, Pär reached a new personal best of 3900m on the way back from Khunde and he had to run up a nondescript rock face to do it. Ulf has come down with a bit of a stomach bug, but he looks better now than before on the trail. Thankfully, things keep getting worse for Anders. He lost his hat and ended up with a pretty bad sunburn on the top of his head.

As for the daily tree update, the blue pine forest here in Namche quickly becomes a spruce forest outside of town before transforming into a cypress forest once again. We ran into a fir grove on the way back from Khunde, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

I almost forgot, three of us got Yak sizzlers for dinner back at the Khumbu Lodge. It tastes a bit like bison, which is to say it’s like beef but leaner and a bit gamier.

Matt Nassr.

at Namche Bazaar  
Syangboche airport above Namche  
The yati skull in Khumjung Monastery  
Khumjung Valley  

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