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  3rd November, 2010 - An acclimatization day

Today was an acclimatization day. We started our trek at 4370 m and our goal for the day was peaks at 4990 m just above Dengbouche were we are staying. Once again there was not a cloud in sight and a small breeze was blowing from east. Baba took the lead and Lisa followed. So did a Japanese crew of eight wearing all equipment there is to avoid the sun. Except from sun block and sunglasses, hats with attached sleeves, gloves, umbrellas and scarves wrapped around their faces. Lisa didn’t make it all the way up but Baba was like a Duracell rabbit. He just kept going. In the afternoon we rested, played some cards, read our books and took a walk around the village.  Baba got restrictions to take it easier tomorrow since we are doing a bit of climb and reaching new heights on our journey to the top of the world.

Baba and Lisa having rest while hiking
Baba at the height of 4990m in-Nagarsang Hill

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