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  31st October, 2010 - Acclimatization day

Today was a day of acclimatization. We trekked to the next village and back to Namche in the afternoon. First we paid a visit to a museum dedicated to Mount Everest, its climbers and Sherpa’s daily life. Then we passed the world’s highest located airport at about 3700 m. It looked like a dirty road topped with some gravel. Apparently there were no needs for boarding passes here. After a couple of hours trekking we ended up in a village called Khumjung. Here they only grew potatoes. We watched some women who dug a deep hole in the grown and carefully filled it with leaves, potatoes and then more leaves and finally made a sand pyramid with some pieces of a broken basket on the top. We were really confused about this procedure until we found out that this was the way to store the potatoes for the winter. For lunch we had a huge pile of potatoes. Fried with some extras. On the way back we visited the high school in the region founded by Sir Edmund Hillary (first man on Mount Everest). The weather changed rapidly and for the first time we were in need of our raincoats when it started to hail. So were hoping for better weather tomorrow.

Baba and Lisa

Group near the musuem of Namche
Hiking (background Holy mountain)
Hillary School in KhumjungValley
Putting garbage in collection bin

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