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  28th October, 2010 - Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Today we have been to sightseeing around Kathmandu. First we visited a temple the hippies named The Monkey temple since there always are lot of monkeys there. They were not so stupid in the 70’s! We learned that you always walk in a temple from the left since god is sitting on the right. Our next stop was the oldest Hindu temple in the world.
Per at Swoyambhunath
Bouddhanath Stupa
Local people carrying grass to feed for cow

Here we watched a funeral ceremony and saw how a person got cremated.
They simply burned the body, which was covered in a blanket, on a pile of wood and after they swiped the ashes down in the river next to a couple of youngsters who were taking a bath. This was a totally new experience for us. We also stopped to visit a Buddha temple and a former royal palace where they used to sacrifice buffalos.

If anyone has missed it, the cow is holy here and you get 12 years in prison if you accidently hit one. We will try not any.

Local plates for sell
Devotee of Lord Shiva near Pashupatinath temple

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